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Cooking Classes

Our classes are usually held seasonally. Often times, I will be giving the demonstration or I may have a cookbook author, celebrity chef or a restaurant /owner chef. It’s always an evening/afternoon of fun and information. Your folder contains the recipes. Our food samples are generous and we often have surprises; no, not Emeril ? Classes are generally held on Wednesday evening (7 to 10pm) or Saturday afternoon. All classes must be paid in advance. We try to promote “eating well” foods that are tasty and triable to prepare.

Starting this season, we will be featuring a CCCCC or "Cooking Class Club Card". for each cooking class you attend, you'll get a "buy-one, get-one " free product . (One product = 1 square stamped) If you bring a guest, you will receive a complimentary gift. (One guest = 1square stamped) When the card is filled you will receive a $10.00 "gift certificate" that can be used for your next cooking class. And......if you book a TEA for six people or more we will stamp 2 squares. So.....E-mail us and we'll send you a card.

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